Are Nathan’s and Hebrew National your best brands of hot dogs? Do you want to know the difference between these too? This article has got you covered. This article provides the right information to differentiate between Nathan’s and Hebrew National and know better.

If you are like me, then you would love hot dogs. My favorites are Nathan’s and Hebrew National. Hot dogs have been a staple of American culture for generations, despite their unhealthiness.

Among the leading hot dog brands in the US, Nathan’s and Hebrew National are regulars at American picnics and barbecues.

So many people wonder what sets these two amazing brands of hot dogs apart. In my quest to answer the questions about which is better, Nathan’s and Hebrew National or their major differences, I decided to put out this article.

In this article, I will show you the areas where you will find major differences between Nathan’s and Hebrew National. With these details, I am sure you will find it easy to differentiate them.

Nathan’s Vs. Hebrew National: Appearance Comparison

While it may look difficult for newbies to differentiate both Nathan’s and Hebrew National in terms of appearance, I believe this shouldn’t pose any problem for someone like me who’s had a savoring experience of the two.

The major difference I observed in both hot dogs is that Nathan’s is smaller and shorter. For National, you have a longer and darker hot dog appearance.

I often go for Nathan’s when I need a juicier, crispy hot dog. However, this doesn’t imply that Hebrew National isn’t good or up to standard. It all comes down to individual preference.

Ownership of Nathan’s and Hebrew National

Nathan’s Ownership

Ownership is another aspect where you will find some differences between Nathan’s and Hebrew National. For Nathan’s, its ownership is credited to Nathan Handwerker, a Polish immigrant.

Nathan’s Handwerker began the company in 1916 in Coney Island, New York. Since its inception, it has become a household brand among Americans. In all honesty, you will find this hotdog brand in all Nathan’s restaurants and retail and food service outlets worldwide.

Although Nathan’s ownership can be credited to Nathan Handwerker, it was successfully sold in 2017 to Lone Star Funds for about 140 million USD. Lone Star Funds is a financial services company and has since helped the availability of Nathan’s cut across the globe.

Hebrew National’s Ownership

The establishment of the Hebrew National can be linked to Theodore Krainin in 1905. Like Nathan’s, Hebrew National was sold off in 1987 to ConAgra Foods, Inc.

This company is well-known for the production and delivery of quality kosher products. It has since helped to market Hebrew National to a wider range of audiences all over the world.

Nathan’s Vs. Hebrew National: Taste Comparison

Both Nathan’s and Hebrew National have their distinctive taste. Their taste may be somewhat subjective because it relies on individual tastebuds.

However, I carried out my own taste and will share my findings with you.

My taste comparison of Nathan’s and Hebrew National confirmed that  Nathan’s flavor resembles sausage and tastes beefy.

On the other hand, my taste test of Hebrew National confirmed that it is a hundred percent kosher beef and tastes more like a hot dog — sweet and beefy. Another major taste difference is that Hebrew National has a spicier flavor than Nathan’s.

Remember that this taste test is subjective, and my result may differ from yours, which is why I said it relies solely on individual tastebuds.

Nathan’s Vs. Hebrew National Ingredients Comparison

Nathan’s Ingredients


Hebrew National Ingredients


Sodium Nitrate


Sodium Nitrite


Sodium Erythorbate






Sodium Erythorbate


Sodium Diacetate


Sodium Diacetate


Hydrolyzed Corn Protein


Garlic Powder


Sodium Phosphates


Hydrolyzed Soy Protein


Natural Flavorings




Sodium Lactate


Sodium Lactate






Salt (below 2%)


Kosher Beef








Salt (below 2%)


Nathan’s Vs. Hebrew National Nutrition Facts

 Nathan’sHebrew National
Serving Size


1 Frank: 42 grams1 Frank: 49 grams


Total Fat


12 g13 g


Saturated Fat


5 g5 g


Trans Fat


0 g0.5 g




20 mg25 mg




480 mg450 mg


Total Carb


1 g2 g




0 g0 g




0 g0 g




5 g6 g







  1. Is Hebrew National the same as Nathan’s?

While these two popular hot dog brands may look alike, they are different and owned by two companies. While both have 100 percent beef, their shapes and sizes greatly differ.

  1. Does Nathan’s contain gluten?

Nathan’s hot dog does not contain gluten. Even the company confirms that the production of the hot dog is done in a facility void of gluten. So, it is safe to say that Nathan’s is gluten-free.

  1. Are Hebrew National and Nathan’s available online?

Yes. You can get both Nathan’s and Hebrew National from online stores. They are also available in American grocery stores. If you’re having difficulty purchasing it in grocery stores, you can get it via Hebrew National’s official website.


Nathan’s and Hebrew National are two leading brands of hot dogs in the United States. Many people get confused since these two hot dogs look very much alike.

While some argue that they are the same, others believe they are different. These two hot dogs are different in so many ways.

First, they are owned by different companies and marketed via different company missions and visions. Again, they are not the same in terms of appearance. While Nathan’s looks smaller and shorter, Hebrew National looks longer and darker. In addition, they both taste different. Nathan’s has a sausage-like taste, while Hebrew National is sweeter and spicier.

Overall, I think the best among these two hot dog brands comes from individual preference.

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