Do you love Skittle candies, and you wish to know the many flavors they come in? This article has got you covered. This article provides you with different Skittles flavors to take you down memory lane and “taste the rainbow,” as Skittles often says in their ads.

Skittles are an assortment of fruity-flavored candies. Its eye-catching hues make it a hit among young people. These sweets were originally sold in the industry-standard red wrapper. Recently, though, the company has introduced several color options for the packaging to match the candies’ many new iterations.

Skittles seems like it was named after the game “skittles,” which is where the candy got its name. That’s because the candy’s form seems like something you’d find in the game. It’s similar to bowling in that you have to toss a sphere (made of wood or rubber) at a set of nine pins. Historically, it was played in several countries throughout Europe, including England, Scotland, and Wales. Skittles are those little plastic balls. There isn’t concrete proof that this is where the name originated, despite the widespread belief that it did.

Since there is such a wide variety of flavors and colors available, the catchy tagline “taste the rainbow” is quite appropriate. This tagline evolved over time without sacrificing any of its initial popularity when it was originally coined in 1994. New York-based advertising firm D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles came up with the memorable phrase. The marketing firm also conceptualized the look of Skittles, which they introduced with the catchphrase.

In this article, I am going to show you the various skittle flavors to help up your knowledge about the popular candy flavor.

1. Wild Berry

Flavor-wise, the Wild Berry Skittle is really artificial and synthetic. This flavor, however, makes the sweetness even better. This Skittle isn’t appropriate for adults since it looks and tastes too much like a cheaply produced cherry lollipop.

If this is the desired profile for these ovals, then they hit a grand slam. They taste as if they come straight out of an original bag of Skittles, exploding with a merry flavor. Generally speaking, this cherry-flavored treat is enjoyable.

2. Strawberry

There’s a good reason why strawberry Skittles are so well recognized. They taste like the original packages and have been around for a long time. They all have that cheesy strawberry taste of many nostalgic treats. However, this Skittle has a fruity character that is elevated by its texture, making it stand out from other lollies.

When you bite into one of these little shapes, your taste buds will be greeted with a rush of strawberry flavor that is sure to brighten your day. The somewhat illustrious reputation of these Skittles is well-deserved.

3. Raspberry Smoothie

Raspberry Skittles Smoothies, unlike many other tastes, offer a pleasant pastel hue and design. Moreover, their flavors deviate significantly from those of the fruits they claim to mimic.

The strawberry yogurt taste is instead used in these products. In fact, this is a good thing. This version is quite satisfying. You won’t be disappointed with these ovals since they are delicious and fluffy.

4. Dark Berry

Darkside Skittles, despite their sinister moniker, is one brand that provides this kind of candy. They’re interesting to eat as candy, too! First impressions of these Darkside lollipops are of a subtle blackberry taste.

This subtle flavor doesn’t linger, however; rather, it quickly evolves into a heady whirl of deep, fruity undertones. Each bite of these sugary ovals becomes a fleetingly satisfying experience. Indeed, this variant is a lovely one.

5. Grape

One of the original flavors of Skittles was grape, and the package would proudly display the color purple to indicate this flavor. The most notable thing to note is that these sweets taste just like grape fake fruit lollipops. This variety is very luxurious, synthetic, and almost blackcurranty. There’s a depth to its sweetness that’s quite enjoyable. Because of this, they serve a useful purpose.

6. Sour Lemon

Here comes another delicious Sour Skittles variety. As would be expected, the lemon one is the best. This is due to the fact that the sour flavor of these candies enhances their overall attractive appearance.

Since they come so close to duplicating the sour flavor of real lemons, the subtle sweetness they contain is an additional bonus. Additionally, the flavor’s sourness is to be expected given its nature; thus, their presence is not really unexpected. In general, these lemon sweets stand out from the crowd.

7. Lemon

The Sour Lemon Skittle is undeniably a fantastic, substantial candy, but the classic flavor is superior. More so than similar products, this one manages to highlight the huge, beautiful, sweet sensation of eating a lemon while capturing the essence of a regular lemon in each of its constituent parts.

And they taste neither bitter nor sour. You can sample them and be pleasantly surprised by how juicy their lemon flavor is, even though they don’t include any of the harsh parts of the fruit that served as inspiration.

8. Black Cherry

An additional flavor available in the Darkside is black cherry Skittles. Not only are these candies delicious, but they make for a great midday treat. They’re artificially cherry-flavored, with a pleasing sour undertone and a touch of sweetness towards the finish.

All of these parts work together to provide a meal that is both complex and delicious. Not only that, but it maintains a high level of quality throughout and never descends into confusion or mediocrity. Cherry sweets available here do an excellent job of being amazing.

9. Apple

In the grand scheme of things, saying that apple Skittles are just delicious would be a massive understatement. Fantastic sweets, right here. They’re sweet and sour like apples. The makers of this product should provide individual servings of this single version. These apple ovals are very deserving of your praise for the wonderful work that they accomplish.

10. Melon Berry

One of Skittles’ most famous flavors is Melon Berry. In all honesty, it is one of the best, if not the best. If these candies won any awards, they would undoubtedly take home a slew of gold medals and royal crowns. As a result of how fantastic this edition is, all previous mediocre and poor versions are now easily forgotten.

11. Strawberry Starfruit

As a delightful treat, strawberry starfruits are a great option. Similar to the preceding flavors, these sweets taste like yogurt. And unlike the past time, this sour taste of the flavor is always there.

12. Orange

This is another great Skittle flavor. Though it is named Orange, it doesn’t have that orange taste at all. Instead, it tastes like a grape candy sometimes, and other times, you feel this vitamin C-like taste. I see this as somewhat artificial.

13. Apricot Smoothie

Apricot Smoothie is a nice Skittle flavor that keeps you reminiscing. There is no doubt that this flavor is smooth and creamy and provides that fruity flavor.

14. Sour Orange

It is called sour for a purpose. My first experience of Sour Orange Skittle made me think it was awful until I realized it’s called sour for a reason. Not many people would agree that this Skittle flavor doesn’t taste bad. Well, when you realize that it’s called Sour Orange, you wouldn’t have to scrunch your face whenever your tongue feels its sourness.

15. Pineapple Smoothie

This Skittle flavor is bright and tastes somewhat sugary. Pineapple Smoothie is a tasteful candy in its chewy bite-size. I consider this flavor a respectable win for anyone who wants to taste the creamy flavor of a pineapple smoothie.


  1. Which Skittles flavor is the most popular?

Strawberry is the most popular Skittles color. Three-fifths of Americans (33 percent) like the red strawberry Skittles. Most Skittles eaters (about 72 percent), but not all (28 percent), consume a variety of colors when they snack on Skittles.

  1. How many Skittle flavors are there?

There are about a hundred and fifty Skittle colors specially created for your savory taste.

  1. Do all Skittles taste the same?

Even though there are hundreds of Skittle flavors out there, one thing is sure — they all have similar tastes.


Skittle flavors are over a hundred, and this article has only listed the popular and widely sought-after, like Strawberry, Wild Berry, Raspberry Smoothie, Dark Berry, Lemon, Sour Leon, and Grape. Skittles has been in existence since the 70s and has since been one of America’s oldest multi-color, fruity-flavored candies.

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