You should have a healthy breakfast if you want energy for a busy work or school day. Most families prefer to have cereals for breakfast because they are healthy and easy to prepare.

Alpha Bits has been a cereal brand in the market for a long time. But, Do They Still Make Alphabet Cereals? Revealed. Read on to learn more!

Do They Still Make Alphabet Cereals? Revealed. Post Cereals has been producing Alpha Bits cereals since 1957, but unfortunately, they discontinued the production in May 2021.

Post Cereals said the demand has been low recently, so they want to introduce a new product. Are there other alphabet cereals in the market? Find out in this post!

Which other Cereals Are No Longer Available?

Other Cereals are No Longer Available

There is very high competition among the brands offering breakfast cereals. Some of these brands began production in the 1970s and are still in business today. Sadly, others ceased their operation due to the high competition.

Here is a list of some breakfast cereals that were popular back then but are no longer produced.

  • Smurf Berry Crunch
  • Cinna crunch Pebbles
  • Waffles
  • Crazy Cow
  • Sprinkle Spangles

Alpha-Bits Ingredients

Alpha-Bits Ingredients

This alphabet cereal contains:

  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamins A, C, D, B1, B2, B12, B6,
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Natural Flavor
  • Wheat Starch
  • Annatto Extract
  • Whole grain oat flour
  • Zinc Oxide

Alpha-Bits Cereals Nutritional Information.

Alpha-Bits Cereals Nutritional Information

The nutritional value of a cereal depends on the serving size. A 32g serving size of the Alpha-Bits Cereal has

  • 1Mg Vitamin D
  • 11Mg Calcium
  • 85Mg Potassium
  • 7g Sugar
  • 2g Protein
  • 5g Fats
  • 189g Sodium
  • 3g Dietary Fiber

Alphabet Cereals Alternatives.

Alphabet Cereals Alternatives

The Nesquik is an alphabet cereal brand manufactured by Nestlé Global. Alphabet cereals allow your children to get creative by spelling their names or words as they enjoy breakfast. It is also a healthy cereal as it contains several minerals and Vitamins.

Another perfect Alphabet Cereal substitute is the frosted Cheerios, a product of the General Mills Company. Unfortunately, cheerios can be hard to find in some stores.

How Are Alphabet Breakfast Cereals Made?

Here is the process of manufacturing breakfast cereals.

  • The cereal grains are thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and then cleaned. The grains are either left as whole grains or ground using machines into powder.
  • Depending on the type of snack, the grain powder or whole grain is combined with the other ingredients and cooked.
  • After cooking, it’s left to dry out.
  • Then, a fruit extruder cuts the cereals into different shapes or alphabetical letters.
  • The last step is to pack the cereal in waterproof, airtight packages to prevent them from spoiling.

Nesquik Alphabet Cereal Ingredients.

Nesquik Alphabet Cereal Ingredients

These are the ingredients used to make the Nesquik Alphabet Cereal.

  • 5% Wheat whole grains with gluten
  • Sugar
  • Natural Vanilla Flavor
  • Palm Oil
  • 8% grains
  • Trisodium Phosphate to regulate Acidity
  • Salt
  • 8% of Maize Semolina
  • 5% Cocoa Powder
  • 5% Rice
  • Glucose Syrup

Is Nesquik Alphabet Cereal Good For You?

Nesquik Alphabet Cereal Good For You

Yes, this cereal provides your body with iron and calcium, which are suitable for blood formation and bone formation. Its main ingredient is 44.5% whole wheat grains, and it does not have artificial flavors. You should try the Nesquik cereal chocolate flavor if you are a chocolate lover. It is delightful and also has Vitamins B3, B5, and B6.

How long do Alphabet Cereals Take to Expire?

Alphabet Cereals Take to Expire

An unopened Alphabet cereal has a shelf life of six to eight months after the best-before date indicated on the package. Once you open a breakfast cereal and mix it with milk, store it in the refrigerator and consume it within five days.

Cereals go bad after some time because they have fats. When you expose fats to heat, light, or air for some time, they taste unpleasant.

The expiry or best before the date indicated on the cereals’ package means when the breakfast cereal will taste best. After that date, it is still safe to consume, but you should expect a change in its smell and taste.

Characteristics of a Healthy Breakfast Cereal.

Characteristics of a Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Even though there are a variety of breakfast cereals, they have different nutritional information. If you plan on buying Alphabet Cereals, here are four factors you should consider.

1. Whole grain cereals.

Whole grain cereals are the best choice because they reduce your risk of having some cancers, diabetes, and heart conditions, unlike processed cereals.

2. Low sugar levels

Sugars provide your body with the energy to perform your daily activities. But that does not mean you should eat more sugar if you want more power.

Excessive sugar consumption is harmful to your body. Always buy cereals with the lowest sugar ingredient, and sweeten your cereal using healthy fruits or honey.

3. Low Amount of Salt.

A good cereal should have at least 200mg of salt in each serving.

4. Extra Fiber.

Fiber is essential for your body as it maintains a healthy digestive system by avoiding constipation and low blood cholesterol levels. The recommended daily fiber amount for women is 25g and 38g for men.

Therefore, you should pick the cereal with the highest fiber when shopping.

Other ways you can Enjoy Your Alphabet Cereals.

Other ways you can Enjoy Your Alphabet Cereals

Most Alphabet Cereal consumers use it mainly for breakfast. But there are other ways you can use it.

  • Instead of always eating your cereal with milk, try mixing it with some yogurt.
  • Add some frozen fruits such as berries as a topping on your Wheat whole grain cereal. You may also use a mango, apricot, almond, or cranberry slice. They are no rules; just be creative.
  • Use your Alphabet Cereals to prepare a trail mix and add other seeds, dried fruits, and any other ingredient you want.
  • You can always use cereals with high fiber to prepare pancakes, muffins, or even bread.


Alphabet Cereals was a popular cereal, but the company ceased its production in May 2021 due to low demand. If you would love to eat a snack with the exact taste of the Alphabet Cereal, try the Cheerios, but I guarantee you they are not easy to find. Alphabet Cereals have a shelf life of Six to eight months, but there’s no harm if you eat them after the expiry date.

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