Do you want to know the difference between Jif peanut butter and skippy peanut butter? This article has got you covered. This article provides you with a detailed analysis of both brands as well as their ingredients.

If you have ever needed to use peanut butter, you must have come across either Jif or Skippy. Both peanut butters have had a fair share of comparisons about which is better.

They are both savory peanut butter. However, health-wise and regarding nutritional benefits, some people often wish to know which is better.

To answer this question fairly, I had to carry out my research. Before I disclose my findings, I need to give you a short overview of both peanut butter.

What is Jif Peanut Butter?

If you want creamy and silky peanut butter, you must try Jif. It’s peanut butter with a silky consistency and has been one of my all-time favorites.

This tasty peanut butter is a product of The J.M. Smucker Company. The company specializes in manufacturing food products and is headquartered in Ohio.

I love that Jif can be used for sandwiches, cookies, and even dippy. The taste of this delicious peanut butter is second to none.

What is Skippy Peanut Butter?

Skippy is one of the most famous peanut butter in the United States. Its creamy and smooth texture has been key to its popularity. That’s not all; I love this brand for its slightly salty taste.

You will find a chuck of peanuts inside when you get a bottle of Skippy peanut butter. This gives it the perfect peanut taste.

Skippy is a product of The Hormel Foods Corporation. The company is headquartered in Minnesota, United States.

Like Jif, you will find Skippy’s usefulness in terms of healthy fats and its enrichments in essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

Who Produces Jif and Skippy?

Jif is produced and owned by The J.M. Smucker Company — an American food company in Minnesota. On the other hand, Skippy is produced and owned by the Hormel Foods Corporation — an American food company in Minnesota.

Taste Comparison of Jif Vs. Skippy

The best way to carry out any taste test remains a blind test. I carried out a blind test to know which is better between Jif and Skippy. The result was quite amazing.

First, I did a blind taste by picking up my first peanut butter bottle. The first tasted a bit sweeter and had a smooth and creamy texture.

The second bottle of peanuts gave me a bit saltier than the previous one. Its more saline taste compliments its chunks of peanuts, making the product taste more like a peanut.

After unblindfolding myself, I realized that the bottle that tasted sweeter was Jif, and the saltier one was Skippy.

Ingredients Comparison of Jif Vs. Skippy

Jif Ingredients


Skippy Ingredients






Mono And Diglycerides


Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (rapeseed oil, soybean, and cottonseed)


Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed and Soybean)




Molasses (less than 2%)


Roasted Peanuts




Roasted Peanuts




Both Jif and Skippy have almost similar ingredients. However, there are a few things that differentiate both brands of peanut butter regarding ingredients.

They contain salt, roasted peanuts, sugar, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. The difference is that Jif ingredients contain extra lists like mono, diglycerides, and molasses, while Skippy ingredients don’t.

Nutrition Facts Comparison of Jif Vs. Skippy




Serving Size


2 Tablespoons2 Tablespoons




Total fat


16 g16 g


Saturated Fat


3.5 g3 g


Trans Fat


0 g0 g




0 mg0 mg




140 mg150 mg


Total Carbohydrate


8 g6 g


Dietary: Fiber


2 g2 g


Total Sugars


3 g3 g


Added Sugars


2 g3 g




7 g7 g


Vitamin D


0 mcg0 mcg




17 mg0 mg




1 mg0.4 mg




185 mg94 mg




5 mg3.2 mg


Vitamin E1.5 mg


Copper0 mg


How Much Do Jif and Skippy Cost?

Now that we know the basic difference between Jif peanut butter and Skippy peanut butter, how about their prices? Well, I understand this might be the most important part for those on a budget.

However, you don’t have to fret, thinking their prices might be the huddle for you to purchase them. What I love about these brands of peanut butter is that they are both practically cheap to purchase, even if you are on a budget.

I purchased Jif from Walmart. Also, you can get Skippy from Walmart, too. Trust me; you won’t have to break the bank to get them.

NOTE: Price may vary based on location. To know their current price, you can check your nearest store or check them out at Walmart or any other online retail store.

Jif Vs. Skippy: Which is Better?

If there’s any major thing I got from my test and comparison of both brands, it is the fact that they are both super amazing peanut butter. And it is difficult to say one is better than the other or worse than the other.

However, to pass the final judgment about which is better between the two brands, below are my few observations:

1. Taste

In terms of taste, I prefer Skippy for its creamy, crispy, and salty taste. You should understand that this is subjective and not objective. While I may like Skippy for its salty taste, others may see it as worse because I love it.

2. Nutrition

In terms of nutrition, both brands give almost the same thing. Equal amounts of protein, fat, and calories can be found in both options. The diglycerides used to make Jif may lead to several adverse health consequences if consumed in large enough quantities.

Jif peanut butter is more healthful than others on the market. Whereas Skippy has none, Jif offers 17 milligrams of calcium, which is good for your bones.

However, Skippy still provides enough protein and other vital nutrients while having fewer calories and fat.

3. Cookies

In my quest to know which is better, I made some extra experiments, like testing both Jif and Skippy as peanut butter with cookies.

First, I noticed that one must be prepared for new difficulties while using peanut butter in the kitchen. The ideal peanut butter for peanut butter cookies retains its moisture, can be easily spread, and has just the right amount of salt to balance off the sugar.

If you consider all these factors, Jif emerges as the victor as my favorite. When baked, Jif retains its luscious creaminess and rich flavor, unlike Skippy. Jif maintains the cookie’s perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness throughout.

4. Sandwiches

I think it’s hard to branch out from your youth’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich while searching for the best peanut butter to use. It’s necessary to do so for this discussion.

The ideal peanut butter, in this case, should complement the jelly and the bread. It must have a salty flavor to go well with the jelly, but it also needs some sweetness to go well with the bread.

Considering these criteria, Jif is the best option. It pairs well with jelly since it adheres to the bread, avoiding making the sandwich too tough to eat. Nothing beats Jif’s sweet-and-salty balance when bringing back memories of early childhood.

5. Dippy

Dippy is one of the aspects where I found that many people often use both Jif and Skippy. One thing I discovered about dippy as an element of disparity between Jif and Skippy is that both have their uniqueness.

First, I dipped pretzels into Jif and Skippy, and the result didn’t impress me with Skippy. I noticed that baked pastries like Pretzel go well with sweeter peanut butter. In this aspect, Jif emerged as the winner.

Secondly, I dipped an apple into both Jif and Skippy. The result didn’t go as expected for Jif. Here, I found out that fruit like apples goes well with salty peanut butter, which Skippy provides.

I will call this category a tie.

Considering the categories I used for my test, it is clear that Jif is the ultimate winner. However, I still prefer Skippy for one thing: its salty taste!


  1. Are Jif and Skippy expensive?

Both Jif and Skippy peanut butter may have widely varying prices based on the store and the size of the jar you buy. In most cases, Jif will cost you a little bit more than Skippy would. On average, they are considered to be mid-priced products.

  1. Is Jif and Skippy ideal for baking?

Although Jif and Skippy peanut butter have somewhat different textures and flavors, they may be substituted for one another in most baked goods recipes with no noticeable difference. Some brands may need different amounts of liquid in the mix than others.

  1. Which has the best taste between Jif and Skippy?

It is dependent on the person. Some people like the saltier, chunkier, relatively dry consistency of Skippy peanut butter, while others love Jif’s softer, sweeter flavor. Ultimately, everything comes down to personal taste.

  1. Can people with allergies consume Jif and Skippy?

Those with a peanut allergy should avoid both Jif and Skippy peanut butter because of the peanuts they contain. If you have a nut allergy, you should seek nut-free spreads like sunflower seed butter or soy butter, which are made from seed or legume flour instead of nuts.


Even though Skippy and Jif are two of the most well-known brands of peanut butter, is there any distinction between the two? Those who prefer one brand over another often claim to sense a difference. To begin, Jif often costs a little more than Skippy, but only by a hair’s breadth. Similarly, mono and diglycerides are used in the production of Jif as an emulsifier; this helps the product last longer.

Despite their similarities in nutritional value, Skippy is saltier than Jif as it contains more milligrams. However, it is deficient in saturated fat as it contains somewhat Just 0.5 mcg, compared to 5.5 mcg of Jif. Another notable distinction is the sweetness level achieved. While Skippy uses sugar, Jif utilizes molasses.

Regarding flavor, that’s entirely subjective. You won’t be disappointed with these two fantastic peanut butter.

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