Do Cheez-It crackers come with dairy? This can be a confusing question because there are several types of Cheez-It on the market. We’ve done extensive research and created this full guide so you can decide whether your Cheez-It crackers do or don’t contain milk and cheese.

Are Cheez-It crackers dairy-free? This is a common question for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. After all, the name implies that it should include cheese derived from dairy, which isn’t exactly something most people want to consume. The truth is that Cheez-It crackers do not contain any dairy products but milk by-products like whey and casein. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what ingredients make up Cheez-It and answer the question—are Cheez-It crackers dairy-free? Keep reading to find out.

Does Cheez-It have Dairy?

Does Cheez-It have Dairy

When it comes to cheese crackers, Cheez-Its are a classic. Cheez-It crackers are made with real cheese, so they do contain dairy. However, they are not 100% as much cheese as some people think. Other ingredients in Cheez-Its include wheat flour, vegetable oil, and salt. This snack is not safe for those with a dairy allergy or intolerance. However, there are some dairy-free alternatives on the market that you can enjoy instead.

If you’re looking for a cheesy, dairy-free snack, check the ingredients list before purchasing to make sure it meets your needs.

Do White Cheddar Cheez-Its Have Dairy?

White Cheddar Cheez-Its

White cheddar Cheez-Its do contain dairy. Yes, cheddar cheese ingredient is used in the manufacturing process. It means that if you are lactose intolerant, then these crackers are not for you. However, it has been reported that some people do not have a problem with dairy products and can eat them without any issues.

The main ingredient in Cheez-It is wheat flour, which is then mixed with water and salt to form a dough. The dough is then cut into small squares and baked until golden brown. Once they are out of the oven, the Cheez-Its are coated in a mixture of vegetable oil and cheddar cheese.

Is Cheez-It Vegan?

Cheez-It crackers are not vegan. Cheez-It Crackers are made with milk and cheese, which are not vegan. The company does try to produce its products as non-dairy as possible, but the process is complicated and expensive. The best thing to do is look for dairy-free options or stick with the original flavor if you must eat Cheez-It.

What Crackers Do Not Have Dairy In Them?

Keebler Club Crackers

There are many different kinds of crackers out there that can help with this goal. Some have added ingredients, such as milk or butter, in them, but others do not contain any additives at all. This is excellent news for those who want to maintain their health and wellness by avoiding dairy products that may cause harm to their bodies over time. There are a variety of crackers that do not have dairy in them. Examples include:

  • Keebler Club Crackers
  • Nabisco Triscuit Crackers
  • Rice cakes
  • Sourdough crackers
  • Lentil crackers
  • Cornbread crackers,
  • Ryvita Crackers
  • Wasa Crackers

Some people may not realize that there are nondairy crackers that do not contain any dairy products other than the nut butter that comes with them. These crackers are often referred to as “gluten-free” or “wheat free” because they do not contain any gluten or wheat. You can find these products at most grocery stores or online stores such as Amazon or Walmart.

What Allergens Are In Cheez-Its?

Allergens present in Cheez-Its include wheat, milk, and soy. This means they can be a source of food allergies for those with dairy allergies; however, they can also cause an allergic reaction in those who don’t have any allergies. Cheez-Its contain soybean oil, whey protein concentrate, corn syrup solids, salt, and preservatives.

What Is the Main Ingredient in Cheez-Its?

What Is the Main Ingredient in Cheez-Its

If you’re like most people, you probably think that the main ingredient in Cheez-Its is cheese. However, this is not the case! The main ingredient in Cheez-Its is unenriched, enriched flour. While cheese is one of the ingredients in Cheez-Its, it is not the primary ingredient. Enriched flour is a type of flour that has been fortified with nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. It is also bleached, which gives it a whiter color. Other ingredients include cheddar cheese, vegetable oil, and salt.

Can You Be Allergic To Cheez-Its?

It is possible to be allergic to Cheez-Its. While the severity of the allergy will vary from person to person, it is still a food allergy that should be taken seriously. Symptoms of a Cheez-It allergy can include hives, swelling, difficulty breathing, and anaphylaxis. You must see a doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms after eating Cheez-Its.

What Happens To Your Body When You Go Dairy-Free?

When you go dairy-free, your body no longer gets the benefits of dairy products. Dairy products are a good source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. They also contain saturated fat and cholesterol. When you go dairy-free, you’re depriving your body of what it needs to function correctly.

Dairy is full of calcium, which helps your bones and teeth develop. It also contains vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium.

The cholesterol in dairy is also beneficial to your heart health because it helps to regulate blood pressure. Dairy also contains protein, which helps build muscle mass and aids in digestion.

How Do I Go Completely Dairy-Free?

If you’re looking to go completely dairy-free, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to find dairy-free substitutes for all your dairy products. This can be anything from cheese and milk to yogurt and ice cream. Many delicious dairy-free options are available nowadays, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Next, you’ll need to ensure that any processed foods you eat are dairy-free. This includes bread, crackers, and even some sauces and dressings. Fortunately, many brands now offer dairy-free versions of their products. However, it’s always a good idea to check the ingredients list just to be sure.

Also, you’ll need to be careful when eating out at restaurants or other establishments. Due to cross-contamination, many foods that appear to be dairy-free may contain trace amounts of dairy. So, it’s essential to clarify with the server or chef before ordering anything. With a little effort, going dairy-free is ultimately achievable.


It is safe to say that Cheez-It contains dairy. Specifically, the cheese used in Cheez-It is cheddar, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses derived from cow’s milk. Some varieties contain other ingredients, such as whey and casein protein derived from cow’s milk. Allergies may trigger a reaction to some of these ingredients, so if you are unsure what’s contained in your favorite Cheez-It snacks, check before consuming them.

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